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    In the past, innovations came at a premium with large upfront costs and an uncertain Return On Investment (ROI). But now with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, customers can take advantage of SAP's game-changing innovations, in a low-cost and predictable approach. In one Package, you get everything you need to be up and running quickly including pre-configured packages and implementation services-

    in just few weeks. Get Started with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, fully supported by INNTREE. Click here for more Information aout our offerings.



  • Packaged Vertical Solutions for SMEs 


    Engineering Construction & Operations 

    Solution for the Trading and Distribution  


    Solution for Building Materials Industry 

     Solution for the Manufacturing Industry


    Solution for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry   

     Solution for Retail

  • Project Philosophy


    Inntree believes in setting clear, attainable goals from the outset. A clear strategy and project plan with well-defined objectives and outcomes will help keep the project team focused and on track. One of the first steps in any project is establishing mutually-agreed upon and well-defined scope. Ownership of the project by executive team and middle management is also paramount, especially in managing the impact of changes to the organization. Inntree experts work throughout the project to assist our clients in leading the change initiative. Executive ownership, effective communication, understanding roles and responsibilities within the new environment, and management of effective knowledge transfer are key change management principles executed throughout the project.


  • Business Consulting


    Our Business Consulting division helps to improve company performance through delivery of business transformation programmers including cost reduction programmers, business process improvement, shared service centers, top-down information strategies, executive coaching and leadership development. We are focused on delivering long-term sustainable improvements to our clients' key stakeholders. Inntree consultants work alongside client senior teams, to help them set direction, analyze their current performance, identify the gaps and then put in place change efforts that will close those gaps. But designing new strategies, processes or organizations is not where it stops. 


  • SAP Support Services



    Your SAP system needs to be maintained in peak condition to perform consistently for your business and deliver the benefits of efficiency and control.

    INNTREE’s flexible, comprehensive SAP Support service is designed to help you address these challenges in a cost- effective way. The core service is provided on a remote basis by our dedicated SAP Support Centre and can be tailored to your specific needs – in terms of both level of support and mix of technical and functional skills. It is supplemented by a range of added value services including on- site support, audit, technical, project and training services. Please, download our brochure…



  • Gold Quality Award MENA




    CAP France BAT took Gold Quality Award MENA, in the Medium Implementation Category. With implementation by Inntree Technology Services in just five months, the project scope encompassed the latest SAP ERP release, including industry specifics for the Engineering and Construction sector, the BI suite and management dashboards. Already, CAP France BAT has increased productivity by reducing the procurement cycle by more than 40 per cent, whereas management has become more incisive through better decision-making tools.Key to the overhaul has been the optimization of a 70,000 item inventory, which has enabled delivery schedule alignment with zero errorsPlease, download our brochure…



System Integration

The core strength of Inntree Technology Service is the technical competence of our consultants. Whether integrating SAP with the Internet or with third party applications, we have expertise in designing, configuring, programming, testing, and delivering fully integrated solutions for our clients.


Third-Party Applications

SAP Business Suite

EDI is still a predominant method of transacting business electronically. Whether exchanging EDI data in X12, EDIFACT or XML format, using a VAN or the Internet, system integration is required.

Inntree professionals have experience integrating the full EDI transaction cycle, from the trading partner, through the translator, and into the SAP transaction.

Our consultants have expertise in all aspects of the process, including functional design, IDOC extensions, custom development, workflow, translator installation and mapping.

Integrating third-party applications with SAP requires a thorough understanding of system architecture, EAI software, and the flow of information across systems.

Inntree able to integrate SAP with a variety of third-party systems for functionality that includes: 

·   Warehouse Management

·   Pricing

·   Shop Floor

·   Tax Calculation

·   Payment Card Processing

·   Parcel Shipping

SAP Business Suite supplements backend ERP systems with additional web-based, role-based applications that can be used in combination with R/3 or as independent products.

SAP Business Suite Applications include: SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP-ERP, SAP Product Life Cycle Management, and SAP Supply Chain Management. 

We have a proven track record of implementing successful SAP Business Suite projects and have an independent mind-set when helping our clients identify the components most suitable for their needs.

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